In Depth Look At This Smart AC Alternative

You Can Cool Any Room In Under 5-Mins WITHOUT Using A Costly AC

 Sean Simons In Gadgets & Smart Home

Selling out rapidly, the portable AC that's smaller than a toaster and cools any room in under 5 minutes.

You no longer have to settle for bulky, overpriced air coolers, that the big manufacturers have been price hiking, even in light of a looming recession.

The CoolEdge device can alleviate high temperatures and give you and your home the cooling you've been seeking at a STEAL of a price.

You have probably already seen that  it's been a very hot summer, with no signs of slowing yet, it's not a surprise to ourselves and many tech gurus as to why CoolEdge is quickly becoming one of this year's home must-buys.

How CoolEdge Will Improve Your Life


Air Quality Control

CoolEdge  can act as a humidifier which is fantastic if you're suffering from dry air, hay fever or irritated sinuses. The gentle cooling mist setting can provide plenty of relief.

What Makes It So Special?

Easy To Use

Simply set it to fan mode, or you can add a little water for a cooling breeze. No installation needed. No batteries needed.

Ultra Portable

Convenient and easy to carry around! It weighs less than 2KG.

Fast & Efficient

CoolEdge is extremely quiet and fast. It rapidly produces cool air faster and more efficiently than mainstream ACs. This also makes it great for use at night time and during sleep.

Full Control

With different fan speeds, you can set the device to your exact preference for supreme cooling comfort.

How Much Is It?


Typical AC devices are selling for around $300 - $1800+, so you would expect the CoolEdge Portable AC to be in this range, given its effectiveness.

What if we told you that this Portable AC retails for well under $130, this is way below your expectations right? Hence, it's no surprise it's selling like crazy. 

They're able to sell it for such an attractive price because they're primarily a direct-to-consumer brand, skipping out on a lot of the middlemen costs which other brands pass onto you, the consumer.

Is It Worth Getting One?

  • 100% - It's the most cost-effective personal and home cooling solution:


·         Incredible Price

·         Perfect Size

·         Improves Air Quality

·         Security Features

·         Easy To Use

·         Energy Efficient

·         Fast Performance

·         Lightweight


·         Limited Stock

·         Sells Out Frequently

Where Can I Get CoolEdge?

If it’s still in stock you can order one from here. They always have the lowest price, plus they have free shipping!


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