Ethical Trading

Introduction from the Board

The Modern Slavery Act is an important piece of legislation to protect vulnerable workers, respecting their human rights, driving transparency throughout the supply chain and ensuring the supply chain is slavery and trafficking free. Cosy Gear USA is fully committed to striving to ensure there is no modern slavery and human trafficking in any part of its businesses or in its supply chains. This statement sets out the steps we are taking and intend to take in the future to strive to ensure an absence of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. 


Our Business

Cosy Gear USA, Cosy Gear, Pressine UK, Visan Store, Millenion Gear and other trading names of Pressine UK LTD are trusted multi-channel brands focused on delivering outstanding customer service and first class product knowledge. Each of these brands strives to trade with the best quality suppliers who have the highest social and ethical standards and make available the highest quality products and services for our business and our valued customers. The varied products and services are sourced from countries across the world, from the USA, Europe and further afield such as the Indian sub-continent and Asia.


Our Supply Chain

Cosy Gear USA has long-standing relationships with a large number of carefully selected suppliers who produce some of the most prominent brands within the sectors and who provide services (including the provision of contract and temporary labour) to the business. We are committed to working with our suppliers to identify issues and develop a plan for them to make improvements. Our Code of Conduct has been reviewed an updated and provided to all our suppliers. Our suppliers are expected to adhere to our supplier Code of Conduct, which reflects our commitment to striving to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within our supply chains.


Future steps

Over the coming year Cosy Gear USA is also committed to:

  • continuing to review, improve and develop systems and processes to ensure that our supply chain adheres to our principles and values, including an ongoing review of our Code of Conduct to ensure it is fit for purpose and effective;
  • continuing to review and improve our due diligence and selection process for new suppliers to seek to ensure they, and their supply chains, adhere to our Code of Conduct;
  • measuring and reviewing the effectiveness of our policies against our expectations; and
  • increasing awareness within all our businesses by training colleagues in all levels of the business.

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